Goals and objectives for McDonald´s

Basic questions 4: Goals and objectives:

1) What are the goals?

The goal for McD is to successfully communicate their new healhty alternatives. After the movie “Supersize me”  McD experienced a lot of critique and has therefore established a new strategy with the following goals:

Reputation management goals:

– improve McD´s reputation within the industry: They do not aim solely at being perceived as a healthy restaurant, but as a restaurant that offers alternative meals for their publics. They furthermore want to be recognized as a company which is aware of the growing societal issues of obesity.

– Reinforce McD’s image with a new communication focus: Simultaneously with the increasing focus on healthier alternatives, McD has realized that they have to change their focus in order to create a new image and perception of McD. As a result they have taken some initiatives that should change the focus from the unhealthy products and introduced healthier menus. This has generated a lot of buzz because this change of focus was inevitable. It can be discussed whether this communicational change has been a success.

Relationship management goals:

Promote their new initiatives to new potential customers. It is obvious that the new strategy will generate a positive relationship between existing customers and potential customers due to the fact that the strategy will create access to new markets and that existing customers now have a broader range to choose from including the original menu choice.

Furthermore they provide more alternatives to their costumers as a result of the new focus.

Task management goals:

Increase public support for McD’s new aim.

2) What position do you seek? Before the issue evolved McDonalds was known as a popular but still greasy fast food restaurants. They are still perceived in this way but at the same time people now know that they offer some alternatives. Furthermore McD have been really good at communicating their products’ nutritional values. This has increased the transparency and makes it possible for people to know how many calories they consume in a meal. This way they are perceived as being a more open and credible organization.

McD should focus on maintaining this position. They should be a place for all kinds of people and continue to develop both their burgers and also the healthier alternatives. However, they should still keep their original brand.

3) What are the specific objectives?

1. Awareness objective: Increase awareness amongst the publics with the aim of knowing that McD offers healthier alternatives. Create awareness amongst families with kids under 15 years old. (increase of 20 % within a  year)

2. Acceptance objective: Create a smooth transition when trying to increase positive attitude towards the healthier new alternatives.

3. Action objective:
– Opinion action: to have the customers who are fond of the changes spread the word
– Behavior: To change the behavior of existing customers to also  buy the new options, and to attract new customers who are interested in the new products.


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